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Grassroots City (GRC) is a consultancy committed to advancing sustainability through strategic planning, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovative research. Specialising in the intersection of people and nature within urban environments, GRC collaborates with corporate, government, and third-sector partners to deliver a range of solutions. 


Who We Are

At Grassroots City, we specialise in advancing urban sustainability through innovative solutions, strategic policy integration, and active community engagement. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that cities become more resilient, biodiverse, and sustainable, benefiting both people and nature.

Our Services:

1. Strategic Policy Integration:

We offer comprehensive services in policy analysis and integration, helping cities align local initiatives with global sustainability frameworks. Our expertise includes mapping and aligning policies to enhance urban biodiversity and ecosystem services.

2. Innovative Research and Development:

We conduct cutting-edge research to develop and implement sustainable urban projects. This includes identifying and securing funding mechanisms, creating innovative financial instruments, and leveraging technology to enhance urban sustainability.

3. Community Engagement and Education:

We design and execute community engagement programs that promote ecological stewardship and nature-based activities. Our initiatives foster community involvement, raise environmental awareness and encourage sustainable practices.

4. Urban Planning and Green Infrastructure:

We provide strategic guidance on urban planning and the development of green infrastructure. Our services include creating blueprints for enhancing green spaces, integrating nature into urban areas, and promoting sustainable urban development.

5. Digital Solutions for Sustainability:

We develop digital platforms and cooperative models that streamline processes such as green social prescribing and community-based environmental monitoring. These solutions enhance collaboration, resource sharing, and participation in sustainability initiatives.

Green Buildings

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