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About / Grassroots City is a platform focused on rebuilding healthy communities of people and nature. Through facilitating opportunities for green social prescribing, the platform aims to support and scale grassroots initiatives working to improve green and blue spaces, increase biodiversity, and enhance nature-connectedness in the city.


Our community exists to streamline, facilitate, and scale opportunities for green social prescribing. In doing so, we are rebuilding healthy communities of people and nature.

Cooperative membership

Join the cooperative to be part of our growing network of green initiatives working to make London a more biodiverse and healthy place.

Green social prescribing

Utilise our platform to organise social prescribing, link with initiatives, and engage in ongoing community development.

Insight and analysis

Explore insight and analysis into the benefits of green social prescribing, including health and well-being, and biodiversity net gain.

Research Hub

GRC offers insights and analysis into the relationship between people, nature, and the city, and offers community-focused consultation on a range of urban sustainability challenges.

Research providing insights into the complex urban ecologies of people and nature, and how we can utilise this knowledge to rebuild healthy communities.

Practically-focused research on community initiatives that leverage people and nature-based solutions to tackle urban sustainability challenges.

Critical research exploring and commenting on the role of cities in relation to the environmental crisis, including speculations on future trajectories.

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